At Svasti, Mind, Body & Soul Inc, we teach the beautiful Sivananda yoga. We have few classes: the gentle for the beginner or for the one who suffers from various conditions such as arthritis. Then we have the intermediary and the advanced classes. We teach private classes with a maximum of two persons. We take time to discuss with you to have an idea of your Vikruti (constitution at the moment) if you are not actively part of the clinic as a client. If you are part of the clinic we know your constitution and practice the exercise accordingly. No matter the situation, we take the time to teach you a class made especially for you in respect to your own body and state of mind.

Sivananda yoga lineage comes from India. Up to this date, the Sivananda yoga respects its first introduction to the yoga world, it has not been modified. It was brought into the Western world by Swami Vishnudevananda. It's a very relaxing form of yoga where meditation, breathing exercised (pranayama), relaxation and exercises (asanas) are part of the session.

Yoga has so many benefits. Here's a few:

  • helps with chronic conditions
  • improves the flexibility of the body and the mind
  • increases muscle tone and strength
  • weight reduction and maintenance
  • great cardio exercise
  • helps to maintain a balanced metabolism
  • stress management
  • improves the sleep quality

Come and join us and feel for yourself the amazing benefits Sivananda yoga can provide you with!



Session Pricing:

Private session for one hour: BBD$ 125.00

Private session for 90 minutes: BBD $ 150.00

A session with 2 persons for one hour: BBD $150.00

Private yoga on the beach at sunset or sunrise for one hour: BBD $155.00

Note:  $1 USD  = $ 2 BBD