We offer a variety of delicious, organic, nutritious foods from the Svasti Kitchen!


Svasti Organic Ghee from Grass-Fed Cows & non-GMO:

Ghee is used in Ayurveda internally and externally. Medicate or not.

This ghee is made under the full moon only once a month. The process includes chanting and prayers. We dress accordingly as well in the traditional way while making the golden nectar. Enjoy!!


Svasti ojas (energy) balls:

Perfect snack for all constitutions (tridoshic). Those tasty bits are made of top quality ingredients. A beautiful way to balance the blood sugar in the body and feeds your vitality and immunity. Contain organic raw nuts.


Svasti pancakes:

Gluten-free, those pancakes are a beautiful way to start your day. Made of organic ingredients you will feel satisfied until lunch. Add a bit of organic maple syrup, raw or Manuka honey and you will taste heaven!

Cut them in 2 and warm them up in the toaster. They can be used as a snack as well. Can contain organic raw nuts.


Golden Milk

Anti-inflammatory, antiviral and potent anti-cancer this beverage is amazing for a caffeine replacement and nice to have for a change. Try it with an organic almond, coconut milk and you might find a new friend!




Made the traditional way, the organic green tea Kombucha helps in so many ways. It helps reduces hot flashes, helps with chronic constipation, reduces insomnia, reduces allergies and helps to regular blood sugar and many others. We have Amelia who is the Mom, she is a bit stronger so use for Vata and Kapha doshas. Julia and Jack are tridoshic (for all doshas) if not use in excess. We offer the large and small bottles for all of them. No need to keep in the fridge and no shaking of the bottle, just enjoy!


Svasti meals:

In Svasti kitchen, we cook depending on the season and what our garden offer. We had been serving carrots & ginger soup, gluten-free seeds, and vegetable lasagne, couscous, and vegetables, kitchere, few healthy desserts and a lot more. You never know which dish you will find but you can be assured that they are organic, made in the season and create with love!