Meditation is a very important practice at Svasti, Mind, Body & Soul Inc and we recognize it is one of the hardest ones to accomplish. That is why we offer a session to help facilitate this amazing exercise. We give tools and teach a structure in order to ease up on this important part of your daily life. We explain how the brain works and the ego and equipe you to break few important habits in order to be successful. But the one thing we know for sure is that the most important thing to do is practice. We offer follow up sessions to make sure you have support at all times!

Meditation has been proven to be very effective with stress and sleep management. It helps to reduce various symptoms such as sinus problems, arthritis, cancer, just to name a few. It improves concentration, immune system and "Joie de vivre"! And I am sure you will appreciate this one: it slows down aging and reduces wrinkles! And of course, helps you find your inner peace and bring clarity.

Ready to jump into this wonderful practice? Come and visit your Innerspace where you might be very surprised at what you might find!

Let's get this party started!

Prices start at BBD $ 65.00

* Note $1USD = $2 BBD