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Svasti Kitchen

We offer a variety of nutritious, organic and delicious snacks and meals right from our kitchen! We tailor meals specifically to what your body needs. You never know which dish you will find but you can be assured that they are organic, made in the season and created with love!


Yoga & Meditation

Private sessions created specifically to what your body and mind need.


How We Can Help


Through lifestyle, herbs and all of our therapies, we can help with a lot of diseases and symptoms such as skin problems, digestive conditions, chronic disease, insomnia, depression, allergies, and PMS, just to name a few.

Diet and Nutrition. As a Holistic Nutritionist and Ayurvedic practitioner, we can certainly help with creating an amazing food plan specifically for your constitution and by sharing a lot of our knowledge of food and nutrition.

Lifestyle tools to help digest the food and the “food” of the mind in order to find balance and release symptoms.

Building a stronger immune system.  Bring clarity to your dharma (your true nature).

Release samskara (mental impression) through Yoga Nidra and other techniques. Through private yoga sessions (built specifically for your constitution) and meditation you will increase your flexibility physically and mentally, increase muscle strength and tone, improve cardio, reduce weight and stress, and improve concentration!




We're based in beautiful Barbados. We are so proud to call this island home and hope to pass all the beauty, healing properties and positive energy this place has to offer onto you through our therapies and foods. In addition to in-person sessions in Barbados, we also offer online Skype sessions worldwide.


Online Services

Not in Barbados? No problem! We offer our consultation services online! We'll be there to guide you to a healthier mind, body, and soul through regular sessions on skype!